Remote Support

What is?

Quickly resolve production issues and get more out of your assets with support remotely provided by the Rockwell Automation technical department. Remote support services help optimize control system performance, improve the overall efficiency of all Allen-Bradley equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and provide software and firmware upgrades. In this service technicians also help in identifying and correcting problems before they occur, filling the skills gaps and conserving knowledge for new workers.


One of the key benefits is enabling the customer to have a rapid turnaround in their operations in unscheduled sharing situations, reducing time and cost during maintenance. In addition, they contribute to improve the performance of automation systems and other correlates, promoting an improvement in the efficiency of automation and control products. And for this, a Rockwell Automation has a team of experts prepared to support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (consult contract for such availability). With remote technical support you can also access Training Advisor during the contract validity.

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