Solid-state Relays

Our Solid-state Relays provide the advantages inherent in solid-state designs—no moving parts or contacts that can wear out—with compatibility to industrial controllers such as PLCs and temperature controllers.

Bulletin 700-SH Hockey Puck Solid-state Relays can handle up to a 40 A continuous resistive load with heat sink in a hockey-puck shaped package.

Bulletin 700-SC Ice Cube Solid-state Relays are miniature, socketed relays rated to 3 A load output current.

Bulletin 700-SK Slim Line Relays are solid-state relays compatible with HN121 or HN122 sockets and up to 2 A current ratings.

Bulletin 700-SF Square Base Relays are 3A rated solid-state relays compatible with HN116 sockets.

Bulletin 700-SA Tube-base Solid-state Relays are rated to 5 A load output current.