General Purpose Timing Relays

Our General Purpose Electronic Timers and Counters help increase your flexibility, and reduce maintenance and power costs.

Bulletin 700-HR Dial Timing Relays are plug-in socket-mounted timing relays. They are easy to set, and can be panel- or DIN rail-mounted.

Bulletin 700-FE Economy Timing Relays are a very narrow 17.5 mm wide. They have a timing range of 0.05 seconds to 10.0 hours. The Multi-Function version helps reduce your spare parts inventory and standardize your design.

Bulletin 700-FS DIN Rail High Performance Timing Relays have a 22.5 mm space-saving design and a timing range of 0.05 seconds to 60.0 hours. The multi-function timing helps you reduce stock and standardize your design.

Bulletin 700-HNC Miniature Timing Relays are some of the smallest timing relays available. They require only 26 mm (1.02 in.) on a DIN Rail, with a socket.

Bulletin 700-HX Multifunction Digital Timing Relays use a highly visible negative transmissive status indicator display to increase readability. These relays offer two additional modes for application flexibility.

The 700-HV Repeat Cycle Timing Relays provide cycled on-off switching when a signal is applied. The on and off intervals are independently adjustable.

Bulletin 700-HLF Terminal Block Timing Relays are relay- and socket-assembled modules for high-density applications.

Bulletin 700-HT Tube Base Timing Relays, for general purpose applications, mount on tube-type bases.

Bulletin 700-HNK Ultra-Slim Timing Relays are some of the smallest plug-in relays on the market. They require only 15.6 mm (5/8 in.) DIN Rail space in a socket.