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Universal Robots | UR3

Automate tasks up to 3 kg_x000D_ - Runs up to 500 mm_x000D_ The ultra-flexible Universal Robots UR3 provides high accuracy for smaller production environments. The UR3 can modulate loads of up to 3 kg, bringing value to scientific, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and electronic and technological facilities. Examples of tasks in which the UR3 stands out: assembly of small objects, gluing, screwing, tooling, welding and painting._x000D_ Designed for shorter range environments, the UR3 has a range of 500 mm - allowing it to be deployed in tight spaces and adds value to virtually any production environment. The UR3 also has InfiniteSpin ™ in the last joint, allowing you to use it for screwing tasks without having to add other devices._x000D_ Universal Robots' UR3 is easy to program, quick to set up, collaborative and secure and, like our other collaborative robots, offers one of the best turnaround times in the industry. You can read more about the advantages of a UR robot on the Why Robots page._x000D_ Did you know?_x000D_ The UR3 is built with the same proven technology from our UR5 and UR10 models.

Catalog Number: UR3

about Universal Robots

Committed to bringing secure, flexible and easy-to-use robots to businesses of all sizes, all over the world. UR collaborative robots can automate almost anything from assembly to painting, bolting to labeling, injection molding to welding, and polishing packaging.