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On Robot | 11001#
Pinça Colaborativa, Rg2, Carga(Nominal/Max.) 2/4Kg, Força 3-40N(Resolução 1N), C

Collaborative Tweezers, RG2, Load (nominal / max.) 2 / 4kg, Force 3-40N (resolution 1N), Total stroke 110mm (resolution 1mm), Stroke time (0-110 / 40-20) 950ms / 200ms, Repeat accuracy + 0.1mm, Product weight / support 650g / 100g, Operation 24vcc, Feedback for Force (3-40N) and aperture (0-110mm), Compatible with all Robots Universal Robots, - On Robot.

Catalog Number: 11001#

about On Robot

On Robot is a global company based in Denmark manufacturer of innovative gripper that help maximize the benefits of collaborative robots within your company. On Robot gripper are ease to use; excellent cost benefit; safety (safe use on the side of workers). On Robot collaborative gripper are certified by Universal Robots, they are mounted directly on the robot arm, highly flexible and simple enough to be programmed.