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Belden Brasil | 9182
Twinax - Twinaxial Cable 2 22 AWG FHDPE Shield PVC Black

Approx Wt. Lb./1,000 Feet: 44_x000D_ Braid%: 100% Coverage Brazil_x000D_ Braid Material: Aluminum_x000D_ Csa: Ft1 Vertical Flame Test_x000D_ Coaxial Construction: Coaxial_x000D_ Coaxial Type: Twinaxial_x000D_ Conductor Diameter: 0.032 Inches_x000D_ Conductor Material: Tinned Copper_x000D_ Conductor Size: 22 Gauge Awg_x000D_ Driven Stranding / Day. Awg & Type: 1 / 0.025 / 22 / Tc_x000D_ Conductor Type: Conductor Stranded_x000D_ Dielectric Material: Polyethylene Foam Hdpe-Hi-Density_x000D_ Fire Rating: General Objective (Cm, Cmg, Cmx)_x000D_ Flooded: Not Flooded Over Braid_x000D_ Prevented Ohms: 150_x000D_ Impedance: 150 Ohm Nominal Impedance_x000D_ Insulation Material (Od In.): Fpo / 0.275_x000D_ Insulating Material: Datalene_x000D_ Material Color Material (Od In.): Pvc / Blk / 0.345_x000D_ Coating Material: Black Pvc_x000D_ Coating Material: Pvc-Polyvinylchlorure, Pvc-1_x000D_ Nec rating: Cmr, Catvr_x000D_ Nom. Core Od (In.): 0.275_x000D_ Nom. Od (In.): 0.345_x000D_ Notes / Special Features: 2C_x000D_ Outdoor: No Outdoor Excellence Material_x000D_ Rg Type: Twinax_x000D_ User Rating:_x000D_ Compliant With Rohs: Yes_x000D_ Fabric Type / Shield: Tri Shield (F / B / F)_x000D_ Shield: Frustrate_x000D_ Supplier: Belden_x000D_ _Nec Rating: Cmx Cl2X

Catalog Number: 9182

about Belden Brasil

Belden develops and manufactures thousands of cable models, enabling the most modern solutions for the segment: multicore, paired, coaxial, flat cables and fiber optic cables, as well as portable cords, molded cables and simple cables.