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Belden Brasil | 3107A
Cabo Para Comunicação RS-485, 2 Pares, 22AWG, Revestimento em PVC

Communication Cable Rs-485_x000D_ 2 Pairs_x000D_ 22Awg (7X30)_x000D_ Tinned Copper Conductors_x000D_ Datalene® Insulation_x000D_ Beldfoil® Braided Pair_x000D_ Total Shielding (100% Insulation) Plus One Tinned Copper Braid (65% Insulation)_x000D_ Sewing Thread_x000D_ Self catering apartments_x000D_ Resistant to Uv

Catalog Number: 3107A

about Belden Brasil

Belden develops and manufactures thousands of cable models, enabling the most modern solutions for the segment: multicore, paired, coaxial, flat cables and fiber optic cables, as well as portable cords, molded cables and simple cables.