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Belden Brasil | 1466A
Cabo de bandeja de alimentação limitada, 4 pares, 18 AWG, 7x26 fios, 300V, Cobre nu, jaqueta de PVC

Armor Without Armor_x000D_ 4 Pair Driver Count_x000D_ Conductor Size 18 Awg (American Wire Gauge)_x000D_ Type of Conductor Stranded Conductor_x000D_ Insulating Material Pvc-Polyvinyl Chloride_x000D_ Coating Material Pvc-Polyvinyl Chloride_x000D_ Type Of Shield / Shield Total Feed Of Aluminum Mylar Foil Shield_x000D_ Screen / Shield Yes - This Has A Protector_x000D_ Par Thermoelectric Not

Catalog Number: 1466A

about Belden Brasil

Belden develops and manufactures thousands of cable models, enabling the most modern solutions for the segment: multicore, paired, coaxial, flat cables and fiber optic cables, as well as portable cords, molded cables and simple cables.