COMPLIANCE is an expression of the English verb "to comply" which means to comply, to adhere to, to comply with or to comply with something.

In accordance with:

  • Laws, regulations and regulations;
  • Code of conduct;
  • Policies and procedures;
  • Internal guidelines guidelines.

COMPLIANCE also means acting with ETHICS, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY in all our relationships, whether internal or external.

COMPLIANCE is a pillar, a structure that will support our business.

COMPLIANCE is for everyone and for everyone. We count on your understanding, commitment and engagement!

Purpose: To manage, coordinate and support the implementation actions of the EDGE Group Corporate Compliance Program.

Composition: The Ethics and Compliance Committee is composed of 5 (five) members.

  1. Fábio Cardozo - President
  2. Emerson Siécola - Vice President (external member)
  3. Maria Marvione (Secretary General)
  4. Edson Stanev
  5. Marcelo Castilho

We are working on one of the biggest challenges in the world: how to ensure food security for a growing population in a sustainable way. This Code of Conduct ("Code") serves as a guide to our conduct in an ethical and lawful manner as we do this important work, anywhere, every day.

It explains the standards we must all follow when living our core values, as well as the specific laws, regulations and policies that apply to us. For us, ethics and transparency are fundamental and non-negotiable values, and must be present in the behaviors and attitudes of each of us.

Over the years we have built a solid reputation through a sustainable production chain and a relationship of trust and respect for our employees, partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, and we know that our ethical behavior and transparent conduct will lead us to celebrate another 200 years of successful performance in Brazil and around the world.

LADDER provides its employees and the general public with a communication channel for questions, suggestions, complaints, complaints and suspected violations of the law, the LADDER Code of Conduct or any internal policy or regulation.



For emergencies or imminent danger to life, use the

call 190 or your local fire department.



In addition to this Channel you can use the telephone

0800-591-6059 Monday to Friday 7am

at 19h. After 7pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,

you can leave a recorded message.



It is also possible to record any occurrence by



Confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained in any of the contact options.

Encontre abaixo nossa politica de proteção.