Baking line with NR12

28 of November 2017 | 12:36

Norma Regulamentadora NR 12 of the Ministry of Labor defines principles and measures of protection to the workers in machines and equipment.

The standard has scope in the design, manufacture, importation, commercialization and use of several types of machines and equipment. The NR 12 was originally published with Portaria 3214, on June 8, 1978. In December 2010 it underwent a thorough review and currently the Ministry of Labor regularly visits several companies to check if they are in agreement with the Rules, and if not, the same is forbidden and subject to a fine.

Given this scenario the customer of this Case that operates in the Food segment was required to adapt its plant as soon as possible the NR12 Standards.

After some design meetings with the customer, we raised the DOR questions that helped to recognize the REAL need for the problem, since the need for only one product (masking security key) was concealing the customer's real need, which was to have the NR12 factory runs smoothly.

Adapt the plant with the application of Machine Protection Amperemeter, thus ensuring the safety of the operator when the machines are in use.



Keys 444MAB, 440GMT, 440NZ,
LifeLine, ontroladores
CR30, electric panel and buttons.
Satech Technology.

Gradil - Basic Line

The period of 29 days for the delivery of the project was fulfilled, complying with the NR12 Norms. The client was visited by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor, and met all requirements. During the execution of the project, it was not necessary to interdict the line and other lines as well as to maintain the operability.


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